Put your mobile messaging on autopilot

Reach users at the perfect moment. Use personalized, automated messages to onboard after install, re-engage after inactivity, or retarget by behavior.

Behavioral triggering

Automate messages based on user behavior, location, and custom attributes.


Create one message that automatically tailors to each individual user based on profile, behavior, and location.

Spam protection

Limit how many times users are messaged, set stand down periods, and add delays between messages to ensure users are never spammed.

API integration

Connect your system with ours to automate loyalty campaigns and live updates through our REST APIs.


Create and publish engaging messages on mobile

Carnival's drag-and-drop message builder allows you to quickly create beautiful, rich messages that increase loyalty and retention. Make messaging the hero feature of your app.

Rich messages

Send videos, images, links, and animated GIFs out-of-the-box.


Schedule messages in advance to send at a later date and time.


Insert individualized data into every message such as a name, account information, or loyalty status.

Emoji Support

Choose from over 1,000 Emojis to add a playful touch to an otherwise ordinary message.


Automate messages at the perfect moment for each user, based on location, behavior, and attributes.

Send In Local Time

Deliver messages to each user at the perfect time, every time, no matter where they are in the world with time zone aware publishing.

A/B Testing

Test message variants across users to identify what content performs best and optimize accordingly.

Deep Linking

Link messages directly to different screens inside your app to prompt user actions, such as driving to purchase.


Go beyond push notifications

Reach users on the home screen, or inside the app with full-screen, creative messages.

Push Notifications

Engage your users in real time with relevant information to drive them back into your app.

In-app Messages

Trigger messages inside the app at key moments based on behavior or events.

Message Stream

Give your rich content a home inside your app with a fully customizable Message Stream.


Segment and target your users

Create audiences based on profile, behavior, and location, so that every message is relevant and personalized to each user.


Target users based on country, city, or even down to the city block through our polygonal geo-fencing.

Behavioral Targeting

Increase conversions by automatically retargeting users based on in-app events.

CRM Integration

Connect your CRMs and databases to Carnvial via our REST APIs, or create new audiences from CSV lists.

Enterprise Permissions

Assign roles for your team, such as developer-only, and even lock down publishing permissions to specific countries or stores.


Make smarter marketing decisions, in real-time

Understand your users, what content performs best, and modify your tactics to drive bigger results. Carnival puts your data to work, feeding learnings directly into your messaging and re-targeting campaigns.

Live Map

View live engagement stats and where your app is being used around the world in real-time.

Lifecycle Stats

Our SDK automatically captures Installs, Uninstalls, App Opens, Monthly Active Users, Location, Technology, and more.

Message Performance

See how every piece of content performs with message impressions, app opens from push, and delivery status.

Custom Events

Capture user actions such as sign ups, screen views, and purchase, then target by these events.


Integrates with your mobile analytics tools, automatically

Already have analytics in your app? With no extra development, you can automatically pull in events captured by Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics and Mixpanel for message targeting in Carnival.

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