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Carnival.io is powered by Sailthru, the most powerful personalized experience manager in the world. Together, our platforms help marketers easily connect customer experiences across email, web and mobile and achieve short-term conversions and long-term revenue growth. Find out how.

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Cross-Channel Campaign Management at Scale

Easily deliver and measure your cross-channel campaigns in a way that builds on
what the customer wants.

  • Data seamlessly flows between email, web and mobile channels
  • Target customers on mobile based on their omnichannel behaviors
  • Personalize messaging far beyond simple triggers

Best-in-breed Personalization

Target and reach customers with highly personalized experiences across email, web and mobile.

Dynamic subject lines
Curated products and content settings
Personalized website and email discounts/offers
One-click personalized send time
Personalized email product recommendations
Personalized loyalty and VIP experiences
Dynamic personalized content/product in email and web

Advanced Automation and Lifecycle Optimization

Scale and elevate your marketing across multiple channels through robust
automation and lifecycle optimization capabilities.

Custom customer journey creation in a few clicks
Set it and forget it daily email campaigns
Triggered transactional messaging
Easy lifecycle drip campaigns like onboarding, post-purchase, etc
Set custom variables on customers based on their behaviors and immediately action off them
Take full control of your customer journeys at no additional cost or implementation

"Personalization is a part of the DNA at JustFab and Sailthru has really been the first company that has been a true partner to us. Sailthru has given us the ability to achieve our goals with personalized marketing and to more effectively retain customers and increase customer lifetime value."

Monica Deretich, VP of CRM
+39% increase in email revenue
-46% decrease in customer churn
+50% increase in email conversion
+12% increase in percentage of customers who purchase

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