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We’re excited to announce that is joining Sailthru, the leading Customer Retention Cloudsm for the world’s top retail and media companies.

When Sailthru approached us about an acquisition, we felt it was the right opportunity for our customers, agency partners and for our vision of where we wanted to take Carnival. Mobile is growing and evolving, and the pace of change will only continue to quicken. More than 80% of millennials use apps on their smartphones and nearly 90% of the next generation is already app-enabled. But, we’re not talking about just another channel here: email, web, apps and even in-store experiences can be accessed and influenced through mobile.

Our goal has always been to stay ahead of the curve. Cody and I founded Carnival as a mobile marketing agency back in 2009. At the time, this was the most effective way for us to support marketers looking to test the waters during mobile marketing’s infancy. We produced more than 120 apps for Fortune 500 brands including global campaigns for Dreamworks Animation, OREO, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Estee Lauder, CNN and TIME Magazine. Through this work, we identified common pain points across all of our clients: the mobile marketing automation technologies available were challenging to use, failed to deliver the necessary features and made reporting a challenge.

Now, as consumer demands and marketer needs have further evolved, we’re excited to join forces with Sailthru – helping us scale our technology faster and offering customers an expanded suite of tools designed to increase customer retention.

We’re ready for this next step in Carnival’s journey because:

1. Sailthru and Carnival share the same vision.

If you’re a marketer who believes in the promise of 1:1 marketing, cares deeply about unified and synchronized customer experiences, and wants to build better customer relationships, Sailthru is a technology you should get to know. Both of our companies share a common goal: to help you build longer lasting relationships with your customers. Sailthru already does so through email, web automation and personalization. Now, we will further extend that offering to include mobile.

2. Mobile needs to be tightly integrated into an omnichannel approach.

Your customers aren’t just on mobile. There are multiple touch points across many channels, both online and offline, that help retain customers and build loyalty. We’re looking forward to helping our clients take a more omnichannel approach, delivering relevant, timely and extremely personalized content to engage their customers in this complex landscape. Teaming up with Sailthru helps us deliver on that goal, and we’re excited about what we can achieve together.

3. We can leverage Sailthru’s scale and grow faster.

Carnival isn’t going anywhere, in fact we are turbo charging our platform! With Sailthru we will have the expanded resources to grow our engineering team, accelerate our roadmap, and the ability to leverage their existing scale and expertise. This includes enhancements to our Customer Success program, deeper personalization tools, and increased visibility of customer lifetime value and retention across all digital channels.

As early pioneers in the mobile app industry, launching the first iPhone app company in 2007, we realize how lucky we’ve been to be at the heart of this mobile revolution. We’ve taken bold steps along the way, building offices in both New Zealand and New York, giving up our app building days to launch our platform.

We’d like to thank to all of our customers, partners, investors and team for helping us get to this point. It’s extremely exciting to take the next step of this journey together with Sailthru, and we really couldn’t have got to this point, without the support of a lot of great people!

We’ve had an amazing last six months, being named “Best Push Notification Platform” by Waracle, and experiencing an explosion of both inbound leads and new customers. There’s much more to come from Carnival as we join Sailthru. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.


Guy, Cody & the team at Carnival


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