They say you can’t manage what you can’t measure, but with’s new Analytics mobile app marketers can now easily understand and analyze mobile messaging performance on the go.

As a compliment to our campaign dashboard, Analytics gives additional insight into where push notification and in-app messaging strategies are paying off. The app provides a view into data on a rolling 7-day basis through a series of data tables and visualizations that are easy to access and better yet, easy to understand.

So next time your CEO points to you and asks how your app is performing, you’ll have everything you need right in the palm of your hand, rather than having to spend hours in Excel only to miss your moment in the spotlight.

Here’s a glance at just three of the many insights customers have access to with Analytics — not using yet for your mobile messaging? Get started today.

The Optimal Time to Engage

The metrics that matter differ for every organization, and can even vary campaign by campaign. Yes, the end-all-be-all metric is lifetime value, but to boost that critical measure individual engagements must resonate and convert.

When it comes to measuring push, understanding the optimal time of day to engage your audience is key. With the Analytics app, marketers can quickly understand the best time of day to engage based on three goals: app opens, open rate, and conversion.

When to use most opens? When your campaign is time sensitive, but not because of external factors (like breaking news).

Why open rate? When you’re looking to get eyeballs, not drive immediate revenue. One of our favorite examples of this use case is with Netflix. When they license widely known content, like Friends, they send that to everyone — even if it’s not relevant to every recipient — because the fact that they carry content, like Friends, is a big deal.

Driving conversion? When you want to ring that register. Think flash sales, daily deals, promotion announcements, and more.

Week Over Week Performance

Marketers aren’t known for having idle hands. Teams are always tinkering with programs in the search for incrementality. Given how — relatively — new mobile messaging is for many marketers, there is a constant need to adjust to protect investments made in audience development and to demonstrate ROI.

With Analytics you can clearly view performance, with 7-day metrics including:

  • MAU
  • App Opens
  • Session Length
  • Pushes sent
  • Influenced Opens
  • Direct Open Rate

Start your weekly mobile meetings with these metrics to review the shifts you made, the plans you have (or need to have) in place.

The Influence of Multiple Campaigns

To add to the benefit of understanding optimal time of day for messaging and week over week performance, Analytics app gives you a few into the combined impact of messaging on a single day so that you can determine the ideal cadence for push notifications over time based on both influenced opens and direct open rate.

Tap on a specific day to find more details about each campaign, including content and whether or not the push notification was accompanied by a coordinated in-app message. Compare the impact of messages within a single day to determine which behaviors you wish to repeat, and extend your analysis to include viewing how building messages throughout a day leads to increased direct open rates and influenced opens to round out your strategy to both messaging and cadence.

Contact us now to find out more about our complete mobile analytics suite, or read more about other recent product updates, including the launch of the market’s easiest-to-use event attribution solution.


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