The Carnival product team has had a busy first quarter, to say the least! I’m excited to announce one of the most visually stunning and impactful features that we shipped during March; our Live Portfolio Dashboard.


Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite already gives you rich Analytics dashboards for viewing and analyzing metrics at the individual app level. The Live Portfolio Dashboard expands on these already robust dashboards, giving you the most important insights aggregated across your entire app portfolio in one beautiful interface. It’s a real-time view into the performance of all of your mobile apps at-a-glance; the perfect dashboard to show off on the office big screen!


Live Portfolio Dashboard has three key components: Right now, Audience breakdown, and Last 30 days.

Right now

The Right now pane highlights users engaging with your apps in real time across the globe. As a user opens one of your apps, a blue ‘blip’ pulses on their location almost instantly. Giving you a real-time picture of global engagement, Right now allows you to visualize your marketing impact as it happens and share with your internal teams.

Audience breakdown

Knowing your app install numbers is important, but those numbers alone do not provide an accurate view of your app health! To make smarter marketing decisions, it’s crucial to know more about your users’ activity: how many are new; how many are continually and actively using your app; and how many are at risk of never opening again.

To keep you dialed in, Audience breakdown separates users into three simple buckets:

  • New users have installed your app in the last seven days. You’ll want to use messaging to streamline the on-boarding experience for these new users, and keep them active. Keep in mind that events such as getting featured by Apple or Google, PR, or paid user-acquisition will impact your rate of new app users
  • Returning users have had your app installed for at least a week and have been actively using it (within the last 30 days). Live Portfolio View gives you a quick gauge of how this number is trending over time so you can adjust your engagement and retention strategy to build and keep a strong active audience.
  • Unengaged users haven’t used your app in the last 30 days. They may still have the app installed, but they are at risk of never returning. Make sure you have automated re-engagement messages set up to incentivized lapsed users to return.

This pane also includes the lifetime installs of all users across your apps.

Last 30 days

Finally, is the Last 30 days pane at the bottom of the dashboard provides key user engagement metrics at-a-glance, including total app opens, opens per user and total messages sent. The colorful spark lines quickly highlight how your apps are trending, so you can make better informed marketing decisions.



As Carnival’s CTO, I may be biased, but I think you’ll find our Live Portfolio Dashboard an industry-leading game changer for any brand, business or developer with more than one app.

Want to take Live Portfolio Dashboard for a test ride? Get in touch.


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