Introducing our new domain:!

I’m excited to announce the newest update to the Carnival brand – our new domain,!

What’s in a name?

For some time now, we’ve been debating if Carnival Mobile was the most fitting representation of who we are as company. Around 18 months ago, we migrated from Carnival Labs to Carnival Mobile with the launch of our mobile marketing platform. But still, we get asked regularly “are you an agency?” “a mobile provider?”.

In the last nine months we have honed in on our value proposition, better identified our core customer, and built out our product to give these customer better tools understand and engage mobile users. We’re a marketing automation platform designed for savvy brands, mobile agencies and developers., with the .io domain, provides a more accurate description of our software as a service business. .io has been around for years, firstly representing “British Indian Ocean Territory” URLs, and more recently taking on the developer meaning “Input/Output.”

So as Carnival’s CTO, it’s with geeky excitement that I tell you Carnival is joining some of the most advanced tech platforms (e.g, and and adopting Carnival.ioAs my co-founder Guy Horrocks says, “Transitioning to is the first small step in simplifying our brand to align us better as a SaaS business. There’s lots more to come.”

Carnival evolves with market maturity

Carnival has evolved over the years – pushing brands forward on mobile to keep up with customer expectations. In 2007, we started out as the first iPhone app company, developing apps for brands like Dreamworks, Kraft and CNN before the App Store existed. At the start of 2014, we launched our mobile marketing suite to give our customers the ability to manage and engage their app users. This spring we released our most advanced feature to date, Custom Attributes, which gives app owners the ability to segment and target users based on any characteristic that has a value (e.g. last purchase date, loyalty tier, or SKU number).

I’m proud of where we’ve come as a company, and am grateful to have you along for the ride with us. Continue to look out for more exciting announcements from us this fall!

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