Personalized, relevant messaging can dictate whether your app fails or if it’s a huge success. Segmented messages have even been shown to increase audience conversion by 300% over blast messaging. Our latest feature release, Custom Events, expands your targeting capabilities to any action that happens inside your app overtime.  


Target and automate messages by in-app events

Events are actions that a user takes inside your mobile app. An event may be a user registering for your app, visiting a certain section of your app, or adding an item to a shopping cart, for example. With Custom Events, Carnival can record any event a user takes as an event, including an identifier for the event, when it happened (date and time), and how many times it’s occurred.

Once tracked, Custom Events automatically become an attribute that you can target when creating new audiences. Instantly send or automate messages based on if, when, and how many times a user completes an action:

  1. Has the user performed the event? Yes or No
  2. When did they last perform the event?
  3. How many times have they performed the event?

Retailers: Combat cart abandonment and peak interest

Custom Events give retailers and eCommerce apps more powerful ways to convert users. Use Custom Events to combat cart abandonment or prompt conversions by surfacing products of interest.

One of our cosmetics customers uses Custom Events to track when a user has virtually tried on certain makeup products, shared with friends or snapped selfies. They then trigger messages to those users based on their actions inside the app:

“Love your new [X] foundation? Make it last longer with the matching [X] primer. Drop by a store today for a free sample (deep link to store locator).”

Have you ever eyed a product over and over, without clicking through to buy? Shopping apps can detect user curiosity, and prompt conversions with enticing, personalized messaging:

“Hi [First name], those boots you’ve been eyeing are now available in size [user’s shoe size].”


Loyalty businesses: Keep users coming back

Retain your mobile app users by messaging when they hit key milestones or prompting actions when too much time has passed between events.

Global group fitness brand Les Mills uses Custom Events to congratulate users when they reach key milestones, or encourage lagged users to get back to the gym.

“Congratulations on your 10th class! Boom!”

“You haven’t been to a BODYCOMBAT class in 15 days! Stay in the fight!”

Coffee shops, QSRs and other rewards businesses can use Custom Events to entice store visits.

“$9.00 until your next reward! Come in today and enjoy $1 off our new quinoa bowls!”


Publishers: Maximize engagement

Use Custom Events to identify super-users of your app, and promote content they are likely to enjoy or share.

Penguin Random House, for example, can target Game of Thrones app users who have bought content packs recently, with offers to buy additional packs.

“We hope you’re enjoying InfoPack 1 you purchased last week. Tap here to purchase InfoPack 2 for only $0.99!”

Apps with a cult-like following and in-app photo streams, like One Direction and New Zealand’s national men’s rugby team All Blacks, can track when fans upload photos and thank super-fans with special promotions or content.


Audience Builder 3.0 makes advanced segmentation simple

Carnival’s new Audience Builder brings the power of Custom Attributes and now Custom Events, into a beautiful new interface which is delightfully simple. Segmentation and targeting doesn’t need to be a labyrinth of drop down menus and screens, and we’re proud to be leading the way when it comes to making mobile marketing automation easier to implement.

Interested in how Custom Events can help increase app engagement and customer conversions for your app? Get in touch here, or message us on Twitter!

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