As technology advances, the way we create apps, websites and experiences advances. One of these big advances recently was a technology called React Native. React Native, an open source project directed by Facebook, allows developers to write fast, native apps in one language that is familiar. Today we’re excited to introduce the React Native Plugin, allowing you to bring Carnival’s powerful messaging and automation to your React Native apps! 

How it works

Website and webapp developers are familiar with JavaScript, the language that runs what we know as the modern web. React Native is a powerful way to express to the computer what to do using JavaScript. It is different to tools like PhoneGap, because the code runs natively, and not inside a container that effectively shows a mobile website.

React Native Plugins

React Native has a concept of “Plugins”– a way to include third party code inside your app to take advantages of various services. React Native Plugins are being worked on by developers all over the world, and the list of plugins ready for use, and features easily dropped into the app are growing day by day.

Better apps

React Native calls itself a “Learn Once, Run Everywhere” platform. That is to say that while you can use the JavaScript language for both platforms, developers still take the time to write code twice to make the best possible user experience on each platform, with the benefit of sharing some non-user facing code. Often other platforms such as Cordova or Titanium result identical interfaces for iOS and Android, resulting in a unfamiliar experiences for users on one or more platforms. React Native prevents that and results in better apps. + React Native

The new platform has a lot of developers excited – and it has us excited too! Today we are proud to announce that Carnival is the first mobile marketing automation platform to support React Native. Developers interested in using our industry leading segmentation and targeting technology to support rich messaging inside their React Native applications, now can sign up to use the Beta version of our Plugin. We support both the iOS and Android platforms with nearly all features of our native apps.

What can Carnival do for your React Native App?

Carnival is a mobile marketing automation platform that allows you target users with the exactly the right message at the right time, based on user preferences, behaviors and events. Carnival allows you to segment your audience, and send rich messages (both push and in-app) that increase app retention and conversion.

If you’d like to learn how Carnival can ensure the success of your React Native apps, request a demo with one of our developers today.

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