The most effective marketing reaches a customer with a message that’s relevant to the customer in a specific moment. It’s a push notification reminder to pick up your prescription as you walk by your pharmacy, or a getaway offer from your travel app when the forecast says rain all weekend.

The magic behind great messaging is data. Carnival empowers you to capture value insights such as user behavior, preferences and in-app events, and automate messages that are personalized to the user based on those characteristics. Our Custom Attributes and Custom Events targeting even give you the flexibility to track and target any user characteristic or action that is valuable for your app.

However, we realize that many of our customers already capture in-app events through providers like Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Localytics. It was never our vision to replace these tools, but rather complement and enhance these products by leveraging the data our customers are already tracking. Introducing automatic third-party analytics integrations! 

Pull in data from Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics & Mixpanel

Carnival’s newest SDK gives you the power to act on every user insight you have, including analytics from third party systems. Carnival can now automatically detect the events captured by Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics and Mixpanel for your iOS and Android* apps.

Events captured by other systems can then be used like any other Custom Event in Carnival, becoming an attribute you can target when creating new audiences. From there, you can send or automate rich messages based on if, when, and how many times a user completes an action:

  1. Has the user performed the event? Yes or No
  2. When did they last perform the event?
  3. How many times have they performed the event?

Save development time

Even with comprehensive analytics suites like Carnival, tracking all meaningful app events can be time consuming for developers. Typically developers need to code every single event you want to track in your app – such as opened shopping cart or reached a new loyalty tier. Carnival’s third party system analytics capture can save your developers dozens, even hundreds of lines of similar, repeated code scattered throughout your application.

Get started!

Integrating your third-party analytics is as simple as updating the Carnival SDK for your iOS and Android apps! Direct your team to our Developer Docs to learn more and get started.


*Because of the nature of Android, Carnival allows you to integrate with any analytics provider you use!

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