Guy Horrocks Co-founder and CEO of Carnival Mobile. Prior to Carnival, Guy co-founded the world’s first iPhone app company, Polar Bear Farm. He was named 2014 Young Achiever at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards, and 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Year runner up. A prominent kiwi in New York’s Silicon Alley, Guy runs monthly flat white meet-ups at favorite kiwi coffee shop, Happy Bones in Soho.
  • The 13 best mobile agencies in the UK Last month Carnival released a list highlighting the top 14 mobile agencies in New York.  Following up on this, we wanted to profile the some of the best mobile agencies in London and the greater United Kingdom. With 137 to choose from, this was a tough task to break it down to just 13, however, we believe each […] No responses October 16, 2015
  • Gilt’s mobile marketing automation tips for eCommerce apps When we think of fashion startup success stories on mobile, few come to mind as frequently or with as much universal positivity as Gilt. The fashion, now travel and experience e-commerce startup, has grown to be one of the true success stories of New York’s Silicon Alley. One thing that has been impressive to observe […] 3 responses September 23, 2015
  • Top 14 New York Mobile Agencies Since helping launch the world’s 1st iPhone app company back in 2007, and seeing the birth of the App Store in 2008, I’ve witnessed mobile touch almost every industry. In the early days it was the Wild West, with little competition and brands flocking to make one-off campaign apps. As the industry matured, mobile first […] 4 responses September 2, 2015
  • Targeting messages with iBeacons iBeacon 101 iBeacon is a new class of technology that uses low energy and low cost transmitters to send and receive signals. Smartphone apps can be configured to recognize these signals through Bluetooth, and trigger a personalized message as the smartphone approaches the beacon. With the launch of the Apple Watch, Fitbit and other “Internet […] No responses July 28, 2015
  • Carnival’s Agency Partner Program Mobile agencies are key to our business Mobile agencies are fundamental to our business – they make the magic happen, building client’s apps and implementing our product. Carnival began life as a mobile agency, launching Polar Bear Farm before the App Store existed. By the time we launched our mobile marketing automation platform in 2013, we had […] 3 responses July 9, 2015
  • The millennial-approved mobile messaging strategy of One Direction We’ve been lucky to work with many of the world’s most loved brands; however, few brands have a following like the over-zealous fans of One Direction. To reach this audience, Nabisco sponsored 1D’s North American Tour and, along with their agency Momentum Worldwide, created 1D VIP and 1D Degree mobile apps. Using Carnival to power mobile […] No responses May 1, 2015
  • VB: “Brands are failing at mobile and continue to rent their audience rather than own them” As CEO of Carnival and having partnered with dozens of brands on mobile strategy since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, I’m well versed in the challenges brands are up against on mobile. Last week, I chatted with VentureBeat’s Debra Sharp on the three most common strategies taken by Fortune 500 brands and the mistakes […] No responses February 18, 2015