Cody Bunea Co-founder and CTO of Carnival Mobile. Prior to Carnival, Cody led development for Polar Bear Farm, the first iPhone app company before there was even the iTunes App Store. He and his teams have delivered over 100 branded apps, including 15 #1s. A leading New Zealand entrepreneur and mobile expert, Cody hosts development meetups several times a year at Carnival’s Wellington headquarters.
  • The 5 Best MBaaS Alternatives to Parse Earlier this year, Parse announced that it was shutting down, causing waves in the developer community. Hundreds of thousands had grown dependent on the popular mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), using it to host their mobile app data and manage users in the cloud—all without the need to learn server-side programming. To many developers, […] No responses August 25, 2016
  • Carnival integrates with Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics & Mixpanel The most effective marketing reaches a customer with a message that’s relevant to the customer in a specific moment. It’s a push notification reminder to pick up your prescription as you walk by your pharmacy, or a getaway offer from your travel app when the forecast says rain all weekend. The magic behind great messaging […] No responses October 30, 2015
  • Say hello to Introducing our new domain:! I’m excited to announce the newest update to the Carnival brand – our new domain,! What’s in a name? For some time now, we’ve been debating if Carnival Mobile was the most fitting representation of who we are as company. Around 18 months ago, we migrated from Carnival Labs […] No responses August 14, 2015
  • 7 mobile app development mistakes to avoid Congratulations, you’ve won the mobile app pitch! Now it’s time to deliver all that you’ve promised to the client, in a way that’s both time and cost effective (the hardest part). Before launching Carnival and our mobile marketing automation platform, we developed over 120 apps for some of the world’s biggest brands (giants like Kraft, […] 6 responses June 16, 2015
  • NEW: Audience Permissions Carnival’s newest feature may not sound super sexy, but it offers BIG advantages for global teams who run localized marketing at a country or store level. We’d like to introduce: Audience Permissions. Grant audience access to the teams that need it Audience Permissions allow you to arm your regional marketing teams with Carnival’s powerful marketing […] No responses April 22, 2015
  • NEW: Live Portfolio Dashboard The Carnival product team has had a busy first quarter, to say the least! I’m excited to announce one of the most visually stunning and impactful features that we shipped during March; our Live Portfolio Dashboard.   Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite already gives you rich Analytics dashboards for viewing and analyzing metrics at the individual app […] No responses April 2, 2015