Carnival’s newest feature may not sound super sexy, but it offers BIG advantages for global teams who run localized marketing at a country or store level. We’d like to introduce: Audience Permissions.

Grant audience access to the teams that need it

Audience Permissions allow you to arm your regional marketing teams with Carnival’s powerful marketing automation, without relegating control of your complete mobile app audience.  Carnival admins can now grant other Carnival users publishing rights to custom sub-audiences, without opening up access to the entire audience.

Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite allows you to grant users access to specific audiences

Using permissions to increase personalization:

OREO’s global marketing team includes regional teams that focus on localized marketing efforts. For example, OREO can now create a sub-audience for all of the users of its OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk app who are based in Mexico, and provide the Latin America marketing team access to just these users.


AMPM has nearly 700 stores in 17 states. With Carnival’s Audience Permissions and geo-fencing, AMPM global marketing team can set up sub-audiences for each store location and give store managers the power to engage local customers (e.g., increase customer loyalty) via the AMPM Scratch Power app.


Customize content for every market

Maximize app engagement by giving local teams control to create and deliver content for their local audiences. Permissions mean that you can securely empower your teams to automate messages that have area, profile, or behavior-specific hooks with local context and language. Users with restricted Audience Permissions will still be able to create additional targeted sub-audiences within the users they have permission to message.

OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk in-app message targeted to its Spanish-speaking audience in Mexico


Use case after use shows that personalized content performs better. Nabisco, for example, found that well-timed notifications personalized by market performed 20x better than generic push.

Read the case study:

Gain visibility into what’s happening globally

With Carnival’s Audience Permissions, you can give more of your marketers access to specific users and, in turn, understand how local markets engage with content and what messages drive results. We can even help you identify the best practices from your top-performing markets, so you can share across your greater team!

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