Carnival’s updated SDK* for Android and iOS apps is now live! Our latest update makes your messages display more beautifully, improves the in-app message viewing experience, and allows users to share your content to social networks.

*SDK is the technical term for the core Carnival technology that determines how your Message Stream and notifications appear and function inside of your mobile apps. Your development team needs to update your version of the Carnival SDK so your app users can experience all of these great changes inside your apps.

Beautiful, full screen messages

Carnival Full Screen Messages

The new Carnival SDK dramatically increases the size of your messages inside your app’s Message Stream, as well as on each individual message open. Messages are now truly full-screen, so when your users tap on a message preview, they will see more of your beautiful, rich content, and less of the surrounding message “frame.” Notifications are only as effective as the experience it connects to; so our new SDK makes that experience even more rich.

Easier-to-view and less disruptive notifications

We’ve updated how push and in-app notifications link to your full screen messages to reduce the number of taps it takes to see your messages and improve the overall in-app experience.

Three ways your users can see your messages:

Push notifications now link directly to full screen messages, and go back to the Message Stream after the message is closed.


In-app notifications now link directly to the full screen message, and back to their previous screen upon close (reducing disruption of your users’ overall app-experience.)


Messages in the Message Stream continue to land back on the Stream after the full screen message is closed.


Social, text and email sharing for messages with links

Carnival link sharing

Your app users can be the strongest drivers of referrals to your great content. The new share button at the top of your full screen messages makes it easy for your users to share their favorite links with friends on Facebook, Twitter, text messages and email.

Simpler technology integration

We’ve simplified the integration steps for developers, so your team can now add the Carnival Message Stream to your mobile app in as little as 10 minutes.

Next steps for Carnival customers

Ask your developer to update the Carnival SDK inside each of your apps, using our technical docs or GitHub iOS and Android release notes for reference.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to your Carnival team contact or to

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